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Description and Instructions

This is where I host my blogs starting July 2024.

Following is my first blog here. (Maybe someday there will be others.) It is the successor to Formulalessness, and it is about how people "follow" things, and how things (like terms in an argument) "follow", as well as whatever else I think to write.

Search: To search, use a search engine to search following.10v24.net (for instance, in DuckDuckGo, use site:blog.10v24.net/following "poetry" to look up "poetry" in Following).

Comment: You can't comment directly, but you can send me an email.

RSS and other features: FiveFilters.org allows you to make RSS feeds for any website, including this one, using its Feed Creator. They have other potentially useful features that can be applied to this website, see their website.

About Me

I'm interested in philosophy, religion, altruism, and other topics. I've been writing for over 10 years. I also make music. See 10v24.net.